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Corn Festival

The “corn festival” is a folk festival that takes place every summer in Managouli in Doris, around August 10, by the villagers and the Folklore Environmental Association of Managouli.

The theme of this festival is corn and its derivatives. Corn as a commodity , has nourished many generations for decades in the past , both in Managouli and in the surrounding villages. For many years, the production of corn has been a strong support for the local agricultural economy and the farming families of the area, unlike today when corn is hard to find in the area, as it is no longer grown in the Mornos plain, due to problems that have been going on for several years, regarding the issue of reforestation of the plain.

At each of these festivals, the village association offers everyone free of charge roasted corn and various local dishes made from corn.

There is live music , large tables, food and wine, where you can sit, order and enjoy the traditional evening. Everyone who attends, residents or visitors, become one big group every August in Managoulis Square.

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