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Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour

The male Holy Monastery of the Metamorphosis of the Saviour of Nafpaktos was founded in 1977, in the area of Skala in the Municipality of Nafpaktos. The founder, benefactor and first Abbot of the Monastery was Archimandrite Spyridon Logothetis. The procedures for the foundation and establishment of the monastery were carried out under Metropolitan Damaskinos Kotzias of Nafpaktos, who had as his primary goal the missionary effort among the young people of the region.

Holy Monastery of Panagia Gorgoepikou Nafpaktos

One of the many names we give to our Virgin Mary is Gorgoepikoos and her miraculous icon of the same name has been in the Holy Monastery of Docheiariou on Mount Athos since 1646.

There, as stated in the history of the monastery, “she shines like a bright moon, like an excellent ruler and a wise steward who governs it”, guarding from every insult and influence the faithful fathers who are practicing in it, but also those who turn to her in faith, asking for her help. And in general she preserves and swiftly and willingly obeys and has mercy on all who revere her and call upon her in faith.

As Hosios Nicodemus mentions in his Synaxarion, in the Monastery of Docheiariou, on the right side of the Monastery’s Trapeza, there was an old icon of the Virgin Mary. The fathers of the monastery say that it had been painted in the time of the founder of the monastery, Neophytos, in the 11th century.

Holy Monastery of Agios Nektarios Trikorfos

Heading uphill in the beautiful Dorida and almost in the hills of the Prefecture of Fokis, on a beautiful hillside just before the village of Trikorfo, we build our Monastery, which is honored in the name of Saints Nektarios and Fanourios.

We first settled here in Trikorfo, in September 1991, starting our spiritual struggle for the salvation of our souls and the parallel struggle to build a monastery, one more bastion of Orthodoxy, one more spiritual home.

The construction of the monastery began from scratch, when the first nuns started here in the initially wild and inhospitable place, which however, with the help of God and our Saints, is transformed into a small paradise.

Byzantine Monastery of Agios Ioannis

For the foundation of the monastery, which probably dates back to the 11th century, no thorough historical evidence has been found. The original Monastery of St. John was built about 500 metres northeast of the village of Skala, at the location “Old Monastery”, where ruins of a church are still preserved today.
The icon of the Saint after the destruction of the first Monastery was miraculously found on the opposite slope. The shepherds of the area, motivated by the bright light that surrounded it at night, discovered the holy relic in a cave, in the position “hoops”, near the present Monastery. Then all the clergy and people decided to build a monastery in honour of the Saint. They chose the location “Kalogeriko threshing floor”, northwest of the Monastery, but it seems that the will of the Holy Baptist was different, since the building materials were transported lower at night, to the place where the Monastery is today.

Holy Monastery of Saint Augustine Hippo and Seraphim of Sarof

It is perhaps too early to write the history of our monastery, which has only a few years of presence in Trikorfo Doris. But the pressure from you, the hundreds of pilgrims who flood our monastery every day, has led us to this daring step.
Just as for every monastery there has been a Cultivator, the inspirer, the visionary, the soul of the monastery, who after dreaming it, then made the dream come true, so for our monastery the inspirer and tireless guide is our Elder Archimandrite. Nektarios Moulatsiotis. It is therefore impossible for us to report on the history of the Monastery without referring, far from humility and with a hand on the heart, to the person of its founder, Father Nektarios.
We will therefore turn back the time to 1975, to follow a series of events that have our Elder, Father Nektarios, as the protagonist, to finally arrive here in Trikorfo Doris, at the now well-known -without bragging- Holy Monastery of Saints Augustine and Seraphim of Sarof.

Monastery of Panagia Varnakovi

The Holy Monastery of Panagia Varnakova, dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, is one of the most historic monasteries in Greece. It was founded during the mid-Byzantine period, in the year 1077, by Saint Arsenius the Varnakovite and quickly emerged as a religious center of great influence, a position it maintains to this day, called “the Holy Lavra of Roumeli”. Its characteristic name “Varnakova” probably comes from an older Slavic toponym. The Monastery is located at the southwestern end of the prefecture of Fokida, in the former Municipality of Eupali, approximately 25 kilometers northeast of Nafpaktos, on the old road of Lidoriki. It is built on a small hill on the outskirts of the Vardousia Mountains and at an altitude of about 750 meters, in a dense forest of oak and horse chestnut trees, with a magnificent view of the mountainous Nafpaktia, Dorida, Mount Giona and the Morno River.

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